Colours Podcast with Scarlett Etienne

How and where was the mix recorded?

At my studio in London.

Is there any place in the world where would you like to play and you didn’t make it?

I have been to Tokyo, but I haven't performed there, and I would really love to.

What’s the most unique venue in London in your opinion?

I like The Nest, it's around the corner from my studio, and they've got a very cool mix of djs/performers on all the time. I also like Koko because the interior looks like a French brothel.

What do you believe are your key strengths and your weaknesses?

My greatest strength and my greatest weakness is my generosity. It's a common trait in Leos.

How do you think your fans would describe you?

A bit of a loose cannon.

What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort? Please, describe a situation in which you did so.

I suppose my inspiration is my motivation. When I hear Kate Bush singing or hear Martin Gore's amazing songs, It gives me the desire to create something beautiful.

What qualities should have a successful DJ?

The ability to read peoples' minds.

Have you ever had other jobs before starting you career as a DJ?

I worked as a waitress and as a cashier at a Barnes & Nobles book store. I was a terrible waitress, i used to drink on the job, but i was extremely entertaining!

Are you billed for Sonar in Barcelona this year?

Unfortunately no, i'll be playing at Likuid in Hong Kong on the 18th, and it's on the other side of the planet. Next year, I'm sure.

Inspiration is all around…if you just look for it. Where do you find it when you produce music?

Fashion inspires me, i love writing music to muted runway shows. I also have a beautiful Yamaha piano in my studio, so when I'm producing electronic music and I get stuck for ideas, I turn around and practice Rachmaninoff and Chopin pieces on the piano, which can be very inspiring for electronic riffs.

Have you ever tasted a traditional Romanian food? If you so, what’s your favorite?

I've tried Romanian Roe Salad... not my favorite. I'll have to try more! The boys in Cluj always take me out for Italian food whenever I come to Romania!

What are you up to next?

Going on a mad tour this summer, all over the world in places like Hong Kong, Estonia, Germany, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Romania of course, as well as working on new music for Starlett and other record labels. More video and fashion projects are in the works as well.

You had some projects with Audiofly in the past. Are you thinking to a future collaboration with them?

Certainly, I love my fleas so much.

You played in January at the re-opening of Midi from Cluj-Napoca and the next day at Studio Martin in Bucharest. Both clubs re-entry into the DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs this season, while Midi has been claimed to be the best club from the Romanian dance floor. What is your opinion about this?

Studio Martin is wonderful, I hope to return soon. The last time I played there, it was absolutely insane. Club Midi is definitely one of my favorite clubs in the world. I think both venues definitely deserve to be in the DJ MAG top 100 Clubs. Both have a very special atmosphere, state-of-the-art soundsystem, and the people have an appreciation and passion for great music! I have a special respect for clubs like these who keep the underground alive.


01. Space Odyssey - Intro
02. John Tejada - Unstable Condition
03. Benoit & Sergio - Boy Trouble (Visionquest Remix)
04. Borderline - Stay
05. Darius Syrossian - Stay Up Dancing, Get In Monday
06. Luca M - Franscilla
07. Phil Kieran, Green Velvet - Free Yourself
08. Tom Hades - Inside The Cave (Joey Beltram Remix)
09. Brodinski - Manifesto
10. Djedjotronic - Tetris
11. Cirez D - Bauerpost
12. Marseille - The Killing Sun
13. Scarlett Etienne - Naked Eye

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