Colours Podcast with Oskar Offermann

Oskar Offermann started his musical career in the early 90s as a drummer & singer in various Grunge and Indie rock bands. After a few years of rock’n rollin’, he soon got bored with it and exchanged his drum kit for an Akai MPC sample unit, starting to produce Hip Hop beats at first. Back then his crew were the people from the uprising and now-known Frankfurt-based music label Baboon.

In 2001, Oskar moved to Berlin, and after an unforgettable club experience, his beats started to become straighter and faster. This marks the turning point when Oskar finally got involved with Techno and House music. He trained his skills in running a label at the Berlin based music label Sonar Kollektiv.

In Berlin, he also started to gain interest in film. Taking into consideration that Oskar’s entire biography has always been strongly connected to the subject of sex, it is obvious that his film genre of choice would be porn. For a while, he worked under different pseudonyms as a co-director for various porn flick productions. With his vision to avantgardize porn, he applied for admission at the University of Arts in Berlin - sucessfully.

At the same time, Oskar has launched WHITE and started to perform in well-known clubs across the country with his brutal Danny de Puke live program. In 2007, he has released his debut on Just Music as Daniel Offermann.

Currently he is working on his album, as well as several film projects. Being obsessed and involved with the two creative disciplines of music and film, we can remain curious about the next strokes of this guy.


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